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*taps mic* Uhhh... is this thing on?

Heh. There isn't really a mic here. Just some random dude with his phone that types out a forum post of something he needs help with. Anyways, I started building on Phobon again (Let's hope it stays that way lmao)! But upon further thinking, I have decided to rename Phobon into Millbury. Why? Just because there a couple of cringe-worthy things I did in the past. So, think of this of a fresh start. Also, it sounds way nicer than Phobon imo. And more fitting to the medieval town centre theme I am currently following. Dynmap and the train station would probably need an update too. Other than that, there's not much I can tell you guys. Hope to see y'all around on the server.



  • Millbury definitely sounds more medieval. Looking forward to seeing the updates!!

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