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East Shire Transit Scavenger Hunt

It's time for another Scavenger Hunt! The other rail line scavenger hunts are still up and running too! EST Scavenger Hunt starts in Hashimoto, a small village southwest of Alsten... which is southwest of Frankrikeshavn (the closest warp). I've color-coded the questions from easy (green) to hard (red). Many of the towns are smaller so it's a little easier than previous hunts. Please DO NOT POST THE ANSWERS HERE! Message Nebbers if you think you have them all or if you get stuck. Good luck!


Hashimoto: How many safety deposit boxes are there in town bank? ✅


Bobatown: What famous national fast casual restaurant chain can you find in Bobatown?✅


Frankrikeshavn: Who is credited with building the large clock in town? ✅ Name two of the toys found in James’ Toys. ✅ What creature can you find along many of the rooftops in town? ✅

What hidden valley did you pass through on the way to Saguaria? ✅

What company built the Carl’s Jr. Bridge? ✅ There are 4 named tunnels on the way to Saguaria, what are they called? ✅ BONUS: One of the tunnel names is a reference to what comedian? 🔶

What town do you pass under right before Saguaria? (You don’t stop here, but you come close!) ✅


Saguaria: What famous Shire quest once started in this town? Its first destination still exists just outside of the borders. ✅

“The Cactus of X” and “The Cactus of Y” - fill in X and Y. ✅ Bonus: Whose skull litters the floor of Sam’s Sexy Abode? 🔶

What castle do you pass through on the way to Valashu? ✅


Valashu: There are two common PSA phrases posted on the walls of the police department, what are they? ✅

What is being displayed above the door of Ale’s Tap House? ✅

What date was the ‘Shire 1’ completed? ✅

What business exists in the base of the wind turbine? 🔶


North Valashu: When was the Sleeping Giant Church completed? ✅


Sveppahverfi: There is a shrine in one of the buildings dedicated to what? ✅

How much does gluten free bread cost at Beth’s Cafe? ✅


Hulduholl: How much is an Otter IPA? ✅

How many lanes are in the local Shire Bowl bowling alley? ✅

What creature is “Egg” and whose house is it in? ✅

When did Nebbers acquire his Hulduholl home? ✅


Nordar: Who designed the two tunnels leading into Nordar from Hulduholl? ✅

What is the name of the tunnel as you leave Nordar and head into Treetops? ✅


Treetops: Who lives in the Sky High home? How about the Deerlodge? ✅


Divinity’s Reach: Who originally built Divinity’s Reach? 🔶 This build was converted into what kind of sport facility? 🔶


Roofshire: Who made it? (I’m not sure the answer is in-game…) 🔴

Just up ahead of Roofshire is a massive building with brick siding, prismarine roof, and amber grain fields. Who made it? (Unlikely to find the answer onsite, but it’s distinctive driveway and expansiveness is a signature of a shire Architect. 🔴 Ultra bonus: What real-world USA historical site is it inspired by? 🔴🔴🔴


No questions for Garth.


Slyy Golf: How many holes can you play at Slyy Golf? ✅

Laurelian: What animal is depicted in the form of a statue behind the award-winning Drek/Fuzz library? ✅ How many hydroponic food towers exist in the Laurelian farm area? 🔶



  • Congrats to Mr Coffee and Chill himself on being the first to complete this scavenger hunt! Who is next?

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