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Expansion Of The Empire Line?

suntin Member, Wiki Editor

This new expansion to the Empire Line would connect 2 villages (claimed) and 2 player-made structures. Here is how it could look on the dynmap.


  • suntin
    suntin Member, Wiki Editor

    Nightown has changed it's name to "World's End"

  • BorisCrafter
    BorisCrafter Member, Wiki Editor

    Cool expansion idea!

    btw the village in the bottom right corner is mine and it's named Aynor :)

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    edited February 2022

    That line is complicated enough as it is, I'd add a separate line to serve the far East.

    Reluctant to add a line that only serves NPC villages - there would need to be some substantial projects along the route.

    With the recent influx of new members, hopefully we can get some more projects established in that region and get a new railway to serve it! 😁

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