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For a Skira Line restructuration


I am writing this topic today because there'll probably be the same observation concerning the Skira Line - its only utility is to serve small communities. However, it is not, to my mind, exploited at its full potential - it could serve as a line that could make many journeys shorter, in fact, most notably towards the southeast, although the recent opening of the Thule Line between Hearthstone and Kibarra has been a breeze for railway journeys in the southeast.

Thus, I have four propositions, which should be put into practice :

  1. The Quintus Line should be deviated to take over the stations of New Ann Arbor, Shan-Ning and Petra.
  2. The Skira Line's southern branch shall, thus, be deleted, and trains from Kelimanjaro should continue through Phasma to Athitica
  3. The Skira Line should be extended southwards from Reeder to Naoki, serving the localities of Seabriar, Zhensk, Hashimoto, Pur and Naoki North - the last two stations being on a section that is already built. Alternatively, the Eastern Shire Transit could take over the section between Hashimoto and Naoki, and the extension of the Skira Line would be limited to Naoki.
  4. The Skira Line should be extended westwards from Elathuria Island to Beauregard, serving the localities of Arena Ruins or Equos County, Voutsinas Isle, Nub City or Bloodmist, Baden, Dark Isles and Elmswell.

Thank you for having read this - If you have any opinion on the question, please let me know.

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