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[SGN] Soviet Shire Crosses Red Line, Alleges Riverwood

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This is a developing story. Updates to follow.

Riverwood Today Riverwood's President, Blahrnbog Travinso, has requested an emergency meeting of the Shire United Nations regarding Zhensk's actions with propaganda and harassment of peaceful shire nations. "Just the other day I saw new Soviet Shire tanks around the border of Riverwood," Travinso said in a statement to the Riverwood Times. "While the land is open to all, these incidents have been occurring more and more often around the shire. It threatens the peace and stability we have had since the dark era of Riverwood with Shire World War II."

Riverwood has stated it is ready to go to war if this situation is not resolved, Kavi Koulso, Riverwood minister of Defense told reporters yesterday. "With the peace and support the Laurelian Empire has provided the shire, it is disgusting to see this new group bring so much hatred and machines of death and destruction to a once peaceful land." In an effort to deter attacks on Riverwood, President Travinso recently signed an agreement to allow the Solarian Empire harbor rights for all of Riverwood.

As of the time of this article, a S.U.N. meeting has not been setup.


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