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Unclaimed town/city grid next to Thule line between Alsten and Astari

BorisCrafter Member, Wiki Editor

When traveling on the Thule line from Astari to the northwest, there is an unclaimed grid of roads to the right of the line when you exit the tunnel if traveling from Astari. This grid has basically remained the same at least since I first joined The Shire (July/August 2020), so it has been left vacant for a long time.

I wonder if anybody would be interested in taking this land and helping to make it an actual thing - the roads are there and the land is flat, so all that is needed are buildings and landscaping, and perhaps a train station on the nearby Thule line depending on the nature of the project. If there is more than one interested party, perhaps it could be some sort of group project?

I just wanted to spread awareness of this long-unfinished build. If possible, I will send a screenshot of it as well.


  • I can confirm that that location was vacated and is open to builders

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