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Dulcia Line Scavenger Hunt

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Dulcia Line Scavenger Hunt

Equos: How much does a diamond axe cost at Bob’s Toolshack? 

Alqualonde: What is the sandstone pyramid-ish temple modeled after?

#2 What four biomes are represented within the Biome Experimentation Facility?

Duomo: This was built in Survival mode! What 7 players assisted Studmuffin and Mrstu?

(The tunnel between Duomo and New Brumley could use some TLC at the time of this writing.. any volunteers?)

New Brumley: What is the name of the well-balanced, full-bodied medium roast coffee bean offering at TinkerStreet Coffee Roasters?

#2 When was Malaclord promoted to Archduke?

Oranjestad: Describe the break room at the AnthCorp building

Skylan: What is the ‘new boys’ name, on the column of text?

FFL: How much does it cost an adult to enter FFL at the Creeper entrance?

Venice: What phrase is written on the altar of the Venezia Nuova Church?

Dulcia line when leaving Venice toward Gong-Chengshi needs some TLC! Partial dirt tunnel...

Gong-Chengshi: What other line starts in Gong-Chengshi?

Q2: In what other two cities can you find the same distinctive towers of Gong-Chengshi?

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