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Happy 12th Birthday to The Shire

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Arbiter, Engineer
edited October 2022 in Information and Rules

Twelve today!

Thanks everybody for supporting one of Minecraft's oldest communities. We've never reset our immersive main world, with almost 20k unique players joining, and of those, just under 2000 have built something.

Upcoming Events

Upside-Down Building Competition: Build a Stranger Things upside-down version of something from our main world. Show some originality in your approach, while letting the original style seep through. Start date to be announced!

Halloween Treasure Hunt: Find treats hidden in the main world to win cosmetic prizes! Starts 27 Oct, ends 4 Nov.

Shire Renewal Project: Fix up abandoned projects in their original style. We will soon announce a list of projects in this scheme, along with more information!

2022 Census: Where are you all from? What is the most popular age range? Who has a pet Husky?! Our last census was in 2015, so it's probably time to ask these questions once more! More information coming soon!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day!