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Hello Shirelings. What are some Shire businesses you built that have over two locations?

Zalidia Member, Wiki Editor
I'm talking about places like Costa Copy or MalacDonalds. Not things like the STA. I also only count places with two or more locations, otherwise the list would become waaay too big. The reason I'm asking is because I thought it would be a good idea to add a "Companies" section to the Main Page of the Shire Wiki. Please do tell me if you like this idea. If a majority likes it, I'll start adding everything. :)


  • Zalidia
    Zalidia Member, Wiki Editor
    As for myself there's Zal Industries and me and Kieran are co-owners of Kiwimango Co, and I do like the idea of this. Makes sense cause I came up with it. Pft.
  • Foxytisy
    Foxytisy Member, Wiki Editor

    The almighty Kebober has quite some locations across Shire. I found this post in my "Unanswered" section, and why not post my company here too.