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Rank Union Representatives

Malaclord Member, Wiki Editor

We're holding the first (test) Rank Union Representative election on the Shire. This means that a representative will be chosen for each of the rank groups listed below:

  • Yeoman - Duke
  • Maven - Viceroy
  • Artisan - Archduke
  • Architect - Engineer

(We've decided that staff ranks will not have representatives.)

A new representative will be elected every season (3 months) for every rank. A person cannot be representative twice in a row. If someone were to be promoted while in office, they will remain in office until the end of their term.

The elections will consist of two polls (on google forms, we won't collect e-mail addresses).

In the first one everyone can nominate anyone (per group). The top 5 will be selected for the next poll, where the final representatives will be elected.

Please read everything carefully. The link to the poll:

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