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Promotions and MC Update

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Arbiter, Engineer

We have promoted 4 members to new heights, in recognition of their exceptional impact on our community!

Congratulations to @Malaclord and @Kieran on their promotion to Architect, following years of dedication to the community and their projects; one of the highest honours we bestow upon non-staff!

Congratulations to @Zalidia on their promotion to Artisan, long may you continue to push boundaries of what is possible in a virtual theme park!

Congratulations to @suntin on their promotion to Archduke! They have worked hard to maintain our historically significant FridayFunLand theme park, while preserving its original features and incorporating references to its initial creator.

This event along with many others has been recorded on our Timeline - check it out on our wiki.

In other news, we're now running Minecraft 1.19.3! πŸŽ‰Β 

You've been able to connect with MC 1.19.3 for a while, but the underlying servers have still been on 1.19 and 1.19.2.