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🏕ïļ Shire Survival 1.20 - Nearly Here! ⚔ïļ

Antheus Arbiter, Engineer, Wiki Editor

Join us this Saturday at 4:30 PM UTC for the grand opening of our Trails and Tales survival server.

Get ready to embark on exciting adventures! Why not get planning in our #survival channel on Discord?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

1.19 Recap

- We baked 5584 loaves of bread 🍞, and 540 cookies 🍊

- 1072 creepers were slain ☠ïļ by players (much more in farms! ðŸ˜Ū)

- We slayed the Ender Dragon TWICE ðŸē

- 506 Ancient Debris was uncovered ⛏ïļðŸ’Ĩ to make 126 Netherite Ingots!

- We harvested 7611 potatoes ðŸĨ”, 5597 carrots ðŸĨ•, and 30272 wheat 🧑‍ðŸŒū! That's a lot of wheat! 🙀 

- @foxface mined the most blocks ⛏ïļ , cooked the most food 🧑‍ðŸģ , and did the most farming ðŸŠī (top player, much?).

- @gghosty slayed the most monsters! 💀 

- @gghosty came top for advancements, with 12 more than the next best score! ðŸĨ‡Â 

- @Aedesius retained their top player of all time stat which incorporates advancements and skills data 📊 - CONGRATS, but watch out for our rising star of 1.19! 🏆

When survival!?!?

The survival server opens on...

🕧 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): Saturday at 12:30 PM

ðŸ•Ī Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): Saturday at 9:30 AM

🕠 British Summer Time (BST): Saturday at 5:30 PM

ðŸ•Ą Central European Summer Time (CEST): Saturday at 6:30 PM