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BREAKING: NSE Holds Press Conference To Address Situation In Oranjestad

FULFWOTZ- Over the past week, the world has watched on as Oranjestad, the cosmopolitan hub of the Central Shire, has devolved into chaos and a state of anarchy. What began as a series of protests has resulted in the city closing itself off to the rest of the world, its silence broken only by a chilling message from a so-called 'God-Emperor Deblon' from the future.

In a joint press conference held this evening at the High Chancellor's Mansion, Minister of Defence Venia Tryphtae, recently-elected High Chancellor Inigo Dreich, and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Sammus issued the following statement:

Tonight, the New Sammichian Empire wishes to reaffirm its commitment to one of its greatest allies, Oranjestad. The current crisis, which we believe to be of international importance, concerns us greatly; order has collapsed in one of the most important political, social, and economic centers of the world, subsumed by TechnoCore forces and this supposed 'God-Emperor Deblon.' The groundwork for such an attack was laid long ago. As a society, we have long recognized the perils of artificial intelligence, but until now, the threat had never seemed tangible. Today, it stares us directly in the face -- it speaks to us -- and dares us to answer. It will not receive one from us; the Empire will not respond to a computer. We refuse to speak binary. Instead, we address Oranjestad, to whom we pledge our full support -- we offer our counsel, our technological infrastructure, our military might, and a home to the government-in-exile. The NSE encourages its allies and other nations of the Shire to join in its support. We also urge caution to those who may have been eager to embrace dubious marvels of technology from future times, namely, those dispensed by Laurelian. It is the stance of this government that such gifts are never value-free. We stand with Oranjestad, and will continue to monitor the situation closely. May man never bend to that which he creates...

The statement was delivered by the High Chancellor Dreich. His Imperial Majesty did not speak and remained behind a protected balcony, but provided the traditional axensus nod of approval. This is the first diplomatic crisis faced by the new government and presents an opportunity to shape national policy moving forward. Later in the press conference, the Minister of Defence showed photographs of Oranjestad taken with Imperial Air Force high-altitude drones, revealing the devastation of the past month. Minister Tryphtae would leave before the conference concluded; eyewitnesses report several F-33 fighter jets were scrambled at Imperial Air Force Base Primae in the central Demmatrodine. It is currently unknown if the events are related.

This is a developing story.

Do Emperors Dream of Electric Bullets? An Analysis of the NSE's Response, by Sheba Mion, NSE Political Analyst for SGN

Ask anyone in the Shire, and they'll tell you that things have been a bit too quiet in the southwest. As Oranjestad fell to pieces, the Empire remained curiously silent; life carried on. All the dust in Fulfwotz was shaken loose last weekend during the STADIA music festival. Crime in the capital sits at a 25-year low. Caffa is still happily autonomous. The last thing Inigo Dreich would have wanted in his first months as High Chancellor is to plunge the NSE into the bewildering internal strife which had inundated Oranjestad. Seeking to carry on the legacy of his predecessor (and fellow United Progressive partisan) Zeena K. Ritz-Khalifa, he would desist -- that is, until a computer program had the nerve to request the universal obeisance of organic life.

His statement was full of the typical rhetorical sabre-rattling for which the NSE has become infamous; however, the element of drama was heightened by the presence of the Emperor himself, whose public appearances have become more infrequent these days. Looming above the room from a balcony, he was undetectable save for the glinting of his jewellery when he performed his ceremonial nod of assent. This crisis may strike a particular chord with him; six decades ago, it was his country which had nearly collapsed, and it was he who had been forced to flee from communist Fulflet insurgents. He appears as some pistol-brandishing sheriff, marching into some far-flung Demmatrodine saloon, telling this cybernetic god-emperor hellbent on controlling the world that 'this town ain't big enough for the both of us.'

In my opinion, the Emperor's presence was felt not only in the room, but in the High Chancellor's speech, as well. Why should the Laurelii be mentioned at all?, you might ask. The previous government was far more friendly to Laurelian and its technology, long held at a distance out of mistrust, and to protect the NSE's own substantial tech interests in Verde Valley. For instance, in 2022 it subsidised the construction of solar farms using Laurelii photovoltaic supercells, bringing an end to the rolling blackouts which had long plagued the remote communities of the inner Demmatrodine. The about-face of Inigo Dreich is hardly surprising, though, when the Emperor's great disdain for Laurelian is known, and the Emperor himself is glowering at the High Chancellor from the shadows as he reads his prepared statement. The situation in Oranjestad presents the NSE with the beloved opportunity to flex its muscles while also diminishing the reputation of a country it has long seen as an adversary. In a sense, it really is just another day for the Empire; mistaking diplomacy for a streetfight, swiping at the Laurelii, and plotting the destruction of the only other entity who dares to imbue itself with the qualities of both a god and an emperor, nothing the NSE does is surprising anymore. The onus of causing a stir now lies with Laurelian, Lord Nebbers, the God-Emperor Deblon, and the rest of the world combined.

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Tabitha Roe, Orton: does this mean i got to throw out grandsons video games

Michel Bloemfontein, Paarsdam: jihad against thinking machines when?

Randall Yipps, Scrapyard: okayy but where was deblon on jan 6 👀

Gideon McVermin, Riverwood: will this have any affect on shitcoin? still holding @.0000000042 👍🚀💎

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