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Fox Valley Times #3

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Fox Valley Times [28.08.2023]

RSFC Grand Prix a Roaring Success and Debut of Kettu Live

The RSFC Grand Prix, held on August 25th, was met with astounding feedback, making it a landmark event in the Fox Valley entertainment scene. The event, run by Zal Industries, was not just another gathering but a significant moment that captivated the community.

New Sub-Company Kettu Live Takes the Spotlight

In a related development, the day before the Grand Prix saw the formation of a new sub-company, "Kettu Live." This venture is a collaboration between Laakso Films and Zal Industries, the company behind RSFC. Kettu Live had the exclusive privilege of filming the entire event, and they're set to livestream a recap today at 1 PM PT. This collaboration showcases a unique blend of sports and media, promising a lot more excitement in future events. Follow the #shire-global-news discord channel for more information on the live stream!

(Livestream brought to you by Laakso Films - Kettu Live)







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Fox Valley Weather Update

In Fox Valley Central and Fox Valley Harbour, the day kicks off with a cooler morning, temperatures ranging from 17-22°C under a sky dotted with clouds. By lunchtime, expect a high of 20-24°C with increased cloud cover. The cloudy theme continues into the evening with temperatures cooling to 21-24°C. Nightfall promises a clear sky with a comfortable range of 16-21°C.

Kettulaakso Region Forecast

For those in Kettulaakso, the morning temperatures will be between 16-20°C under a sky filled with light clouds. By lunchtime, expect temperatures to hover around 17-21°C with more clouds making an appearance. The evening stays cloudy, with temperatures between 18-22°C. The sky finally clears up at night, with temperatures ranging from 15-17°C.

Fuchstal Outlook

Over in Fuchstal, you'll encounter morning temperatures of 20-23°C and light cloud cover. As we move into lunchtime, the thermometer will register between 21-25°C under a mostly clear sky. The evening will offer temperatures around 20-24°C and a clear atmosphere. Nighttime cools down to 17-20°C with a cloudless sky.

Whatever the weather, let's make today great!

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