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Hello Shire. I've recently started working on a new first-person PC game in order to fundraise for the Shire. It was originally going to be free, but I've decided it'll cost 99 cents to purchase due to the extremely hard work I put in it. I won't be wanting a donator rank if this is successful because I want to earn my way up instead of buying my way up. Anyone from the Shire will be given a free copy if they ask. Anyways, this is what the game is:

You can either control a Melee or Ranged class in a city. The entire game will revolve around being extremely overpowered. There is also co-op where two players can each choose one of them. The point of the game is to protect the city from bad things. The classes are described in detail below.

Melee: Uses a sword in the right hand and one-hands a spear in the other. Attacks revolve around launching yourself into waves of enemies with extremely high mobility and button mashing. There will be random attack animations for the weapons and kind of like Ryse: Son of Rome, you have to press buttons to make your attacks look good. Melee class can also stop time following the Za Warudo Meme/Trope

Ranged: The ranged class doesn't hold anything. You only see the hands as part of the running animation. When the ranged class attacks, he/she materializes a sniper rifle next to him/her to fire at the enemy or enemies.
- Multiple rifles will appear when you hold down mouse click at a rate of 1 every .3 seconds and maxes out at 25.
- Pressing O will create a ring of sniper rifles in front of you that will fire like a Gatling Gun
- Pressing I will cause a row of sniper rifles to appear in front of you.
- Pressing Q will create a ring of of sniper rifles pointed upwards around you that acts like a shield.
The Ranged class cannot stop time, but can can possess any vehicle listed below.

List of Vehicles:
-Tank (Found occasionally)
-Submarine (Only 1 in the map underwater)
Planes might be implemented. in an update.

Leave a comment below if you think 99 cents is a good price for a game like this. Every cent will go towards funding the Shire.


  • I think this is a really original and great idea! Are there any plans for multiplayer?
  • There's Co-op. Two players.
  • PsYcHoX88PsYcHoX88 Engineer
    What Language is this written in?
  • Both Javascript and C#. The reason I'm using both is because some scripts are easier to program in one or the other.
  • PsYcHoX88PsYcHoX88 Engineer
    JS/CSS3/HTML5 for UI and C#.Net for ASP? I'm confused as to your usage of C# AND JS ?

    - P.S. I'm a Computer Programmer / Web Developer. 
  • Convert JavaScript to C# with by using #pragma strict.
  • PsYcHoX88PsYcHoX88 Engineer
    I'm just curious, just wondering why not entirely C# ?
  • Cause Unity gives you some pretty effective scripts (FPS Controller) but they're written in JavaScript.
  • MieshoaMieshoa Arbiter
    Never new you were a developer :o good luck with the game! Please make it available for mac!
  • PsYcHoX88PsYcHoX88 Engineer
    Who? Me? Him? Both of us? :P
  • Almost done scripting and animating the ranged class. Might upload a video in the near future.
  • This game sounds awesome :D hope you're making good progress!
  • Update: Planning a few multiplayer/skirmish game modes.
    - Versus: 1 v 1
    - Civilian Defense: Coop game where waves of enemies spawn and you have to defend the civilians in the trucks until you reach the end. 
    - Castle Defense/Siege: Coop where you either defend a civilian castle or play as enemy attacking castle against defending AIs.
    - Total Mayhem: 1 or 2 players with max stats in a forest at night killing as many enemies as you can.
    - Freestyle: Total Mayhem except default starting 
  • give us some pics :D
  • I want it :) what will it be released on?
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