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Chat room so we can be nerds together :)

Jimmy Arbiter
edited November 2014 in General Chat
I set up an IRC channel. Go here And connect to #shirecraft :) 


  • Maghion
    Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
    Im all alone
  • Is the irc channel still up and running?

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    presumably, but as I predicted... it doesn't get used! :P

    In my opinion, adding more means of communicating with each other is pointless with a community of our size. Our forum isn't hugely active as it is, we have an inactive subreddit and an official Teamspeak server. We should work on increasing activity in our preexisting communication areas before adding extras such as IRC.
  • we should also get rid of dynmap *nudge nudge*
  • Vetous
    Vetous Member, Wiki Editor
    wow sam could you be any more obnoxious/ obvious
  • We use teamspeak a lot, im always trying to get people in it. I would use IRC more if it was connected to the server with CraftIRC though..