edited December 2014 in Information and Rules
  • Updated to 1.8
  • Removed corrupted chunk/s from world
  • Gates/Lifts/Bridges/etc should be working again
[Deleted User]Wuggeh0


  • edited December 2017
    • Updated forum software
    • Added Facebook login
  • It's.... fixing-stuff-Sunday!

    • Messages sent from dynmap now show up as they should, on dynmap
    • Non-staff players may no longer force-TP others to them, instead they should use "/tpahere <other player's name>"
    • On the forum, discussions now 'infinitely scroll' and you don't need to change pages.
    • On the forum, the login box has changed - do not fear!
  • [quote="Andy;3638"]It's.... fixing-stuff-Sunday!

    • Messages sent from dynmap now show up as they should, on dynmap

    Aaaaaaaand it's gone. Worked this morning though.
  • John117John117 Engineer
    Worked fine for me, slight delay though
  • Nothing seems to be wrong - try clearing your browser cache
    1. Updated Spigot
    2. Updated permissions system
    3. Fixed scrolling status signs at train stations
    4. Procrastinated over debugging our railway plugin
    1. Cooked dinner
    2. Made a cup of tea
    3. Procrastinated for a few hours
    4. Started preparing for tomorrow morning's meeting
    5. Drank my cold tea
  • Sounds like a good british afternoon
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Railway Status

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All lines are currently part-suspended due to the 1.13 update breaking everything.

AetherGood service Venice-Ivory Beach. No service Ivory Beach-Groenevelden.
CereliaNo service SEAC - Lord Temple due to ongoing signalling faults. Good service on rest of line.
DulciaGood service
EmpirePart-suspended. Good service Sunspear-Venice, and good service Cactus County-Baba South. No other services are operational.
FrancoGood service Venezia Cipriana - Lythia University. No service Lythia-Epsilon.
HestiaGood service
HyperloopGood service on all routes.
JurisGood service
LamiaGood service
NSTAMajor renovations; expect delays.
NysaNuovo Firenze station is closed. Otherwise, good service.
Phobean S'wayGood service
QuintusGood service
SkiraGood service
ThuleGood service Drosvenar—Ionia, good service Hobbiton-Modaora High Level. No service on rest of line.
Vnz OvergroundGood service on all routes.
Venezia MetroGood service Valeria-Biblioteca via Giardino. No service on other routes.
ZelosGood service.
West Shire RailGood service Nobityo-Solentse, UoC West-Thothum, Zege-Groenevelden, and Groenevelden-Amica.
Last updated 1 September 2018 02:07 UTC