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Can I claim this lands for my projects? :D

GaanSan Member, Wiki Editor
edited December 2014 in Project Discussion

the question is for the Lords :)
I am asking if I can claim the area on the pic.
I want to transport all my big projects into this area, see the other pic :D

Please tell me if I can claim it, so I can start transport my builds into da land :D

Thanks for reading! :)
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  • Fine by me!  Sign on and claim it with a worldguard or something!
  • It'll take patience to move all of that.  Do it in small chunks!  When I moved Pangea I did it in strips.  Line by line.  I assigned //copy and //paste on their own powertools to make it faster.
  • GaanSan
    GaanSan Member, Wiki Editor
    yea I will make it in pieces :D Thanks nebbers :D
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Moved to correct forum & closed
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