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Facts about Equos Entertainment Group

Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
Equos Entertainment Group is the parent company that manages Ayu's Pub throughout The Shire and other businesses such as Ayu's Resort, and Le Club De Ben. 
To become a bartender for EEG owned bars, you must pass an extremely hard test that requires a 99% score to pass. EEG CEO Maghion Syaoran Light expects near perfection out of his bartenders *ahem* pardon me, Master Mixologists. 
EEG is designing a four year bachelors and six year doctorate program for Mixology at University of Equos.
There is a myth that tells of a lost Ayu's Pub within the lost grande town of Potatovale.  According to legends, an unknown force has spread the waters around a large area, creating dry land surrounded by walls of water. Then one day, the force disappeared, sinking the town of Potatovale, and with it, Ayus' Pub of Potatovale.
Ayu's Pub of Fulfwotz is the only pub that allows the sale and distribution of 420 ale, a beer infused with marijuana. It is not advertised however, you just have to know its offered and ask for it. 
Ayu's Pub recently purchased the lands that supposedly housed te secret construction of ISES headquarters. Plans are in the way for a large brewery. 
While most of Equos Entertainment Group revenue is generated through Ayu's Pubs, they also earn revenue from Syaoran's Closet,  a small clothing store chain and Maghdroid, a small cellular service carrier.  

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