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Kibarra Taking merchant applications!

Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
Kibarra, a joint Paradise project between Equos and Equos Entertainment Group, will be the next upcoming paradise getaway for adults of all ages! We are looking to open all kinds of restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs along the Kibarra coastline. As well as souvenir shops and other attractions and shops to attract people throughout The Shire! Do you want to be part of the Kibarra Paradise? We will build you a space to put your venture in! Just apply here:

Owner Name:
Business Type:
 How much space will you need?


  • nebbers
    nebbers Lord
    edited January 2015
    1.) Tamara Ripley of Alfa Beach, Oranjestad.
    2.) Ripley's Believe Or Don't I Guess See If I Care: a museum of unusual oddities and fun stuff.
    3.) Just a mid-sized store please
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  • Maghion
    Maghion Member, Wiki Editor
    Nebs, check out the first floor restaurant Cooked Medium Rare. Something like that size would be enough or too big/too small?
  • The place with the maitre d'? There's no sign there calling it Cooked Medium Rare.  But maybe a little smaller than that would be perfect.
  • 1.)Giraffe
    3.)Medium height

  • Ripley's Believe It or Don't See If I Care is now open for business

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