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Operative S Episode I: Rumblings

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Operative S, Episode I: Rumblings

There is something going on in the Shire…

It is an age of peace for the Shire, but trouble is afoot. With a war brewing between world leaders, and strange reports of players who aren't there appearing on the player list, Nebbers and the other “moderators” can barely keep up. They have turned to the SIA for help, which has greatly expanded the influence of the organization. But, it appears, not even the SIA is safe, as its leader Vetous had become paranoid and angry, locking himself in his office. Word on the street is that he hasn't been seen in weeks…


You are an entry level SIA recruit, relegated to filing top secret files in the plaza headquarters. One day, while in your office, you come across a note, neatly written and addressed to you. You open it up…. (go to the plaza SIA office. It is recommended that you do this in adventure mode. It's more fun that way! And everything has been made so it can be done that way too!)
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