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Ideas.. Ideas..

Omg guys, I am back! You didn't miss me. YAY.
Anyways, I've had this idea for a long time now and the idea is that..
You know that our "Old" Tyro builds are so Old.. What if we Re-made them? Like a mini BC for the people who had old Tyro Builds that are still active. Yes? No? Maybe so? 


  • sounds fun! I'd definitely do it
  • what about people who don't remember or have their tyro builds still lol?
  • or, like me, never had one in the first place (pre-tyro rank ppl)
  • GJRickard
    GJRickard Wiki Editor
    [quote="Lord_Drekar;2781"]or, like me, never had one in the first place (pre-tyro rank ppl)[/quote]
    Omgs, it's for the people who did one. leik get tyro brah.   
  • GJRickard
    GJRickard Wiki Editor
    I also believe they did save the Tyro world.. Also, some people moved their Tyro builds to towns.
  • that wasn't a tyro build, Wyrm. but it does still exist, so I suppose I could use that

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