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Railway update

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
edited March 2015 in Project Discussion
Kaldaron is now a calling point on the Cerelia line, between Aetheria and Mount Britain.
Because of this, the Thule line presently terminates at Mount Britain.


  • The Thule line will be extended north to Taz's new city, Port, Modaora, Wytapcha and Volgamo [terminus].
  • The Cerelia line will be extended to Knavobuki, Talmis, Jotenheim (Shares platforms with Juris line trains), Lord Temple, Ritunim [terminus].
  • The Juris line will be extended to Babylon [terminus].
  • The Franco line will be extended south to MorthamAldham, Mooshoo and Epsilon [terminus].
  • The Hestia line will be extended North-east to Colony, Redtown, WestportSandalvania and Shrowded [terminus]. This will connect the Hestia line with the Juris and Nysa lines.

The Railway Map will be updated soon.... maybe. :P


  • But... does it work?
  • Andrew, if you need someone to build all these tunnels and things, I will help out
  • Preferably show me where you want them in game if you do so I don't end up in Azerbaijan or something
  • Sammiches822
    Sammiches822 Arbiter
    edited March 2015
    I refuse to allow STA railways to enter the Empire-owned village of Epsilon, or any other Imperial Settlement.

Railway Status

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