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Babylon Eviction Notices????

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Hey friends! I know I haven't been around much in the last month or so, I've been very very busy with school/ film festival/ musical stuff, so I've only been able to pop in at odd times or on dynamap. I got on just now and noticed that a few places in Babylon still aren't decorated or done or whatever, and since I can't be sure I'll be on at the same time as everyone I'll just make a post here. It's not really an eviction notice per se, more like just decorate your stuff I gave you. I don't even have the time to evict people  :))

@wyrmleaf You have an apartment in Parthenon Gardens to decorate and Inventor's Gate Casino still need to be finished i guess? I don't know what your plans for the top floor were. You've also got an office in the Babylon Central Council building to do but that should take like 30 seconds. 

@brocksammson You also have an apartment in Parthenon Gardens to do. 

@monkeyman32123 Read brock's entry. Same story. 

@sammiches822 Your Sammich Solutions tower is partially done, just need to make some semblance of activity of a scary chemical company in those upper floors there. You, too, have an office to decorate in the BCC building, like wyrm. 

@hayguys11 You have an office to decorate in Babylon. 

@xxandrew last but not least you have an office to decorate too. 

I think that's it for now, if anything comes up I'll edit the post. Thanks! 



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