Competition ended!

Our Winter competition has ended. Check out the entries in the competition world (/warp BC).

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I really do NOT want to be pesky at all about it now. I do want to say : will my ban be revoked once the main world is set back or am i really out of here definitively ?


  • Norks... let's just wait until we're updated and we'll reconsider the ban, ok? Just be patient please.
  • You are being "pesky" and more. And you know it.

    Drop it now. This is exactly how you acted when you got yourself banned. Continuing this behavior on the forums will just get you banned from the forums, too.

    Literally one more thing from you about this and whatever tiny sliver of a chance you might have had to get unbanned will go out the window and I will IP ban you from the server and forums myself.
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