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1.17 Survival Server

Launched July 3rd.
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Run /server survival in-game to join.
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Membership - LunarControl

Hello! I am Lunar. I stumbled upon your server while looking at a 6 year old Reddit post about 2b2t. I played on 2b2t a long time ago and then re-discovered it in 2016 when it exploded in popularity. Anyways, I still frequent the 2b2t subreddit (even though I don't play on 2b anymore) because all the drama and memes are entertaining.

I'm 20 years old and in the US. I started playing Minecraft in late 2011 on the pocket edition. Back in those days we only had creative mode before survival was even added. So my friends and I spent a lot of time building massive worlds together. I wish I was able to keep even one of them but they all got lost as people either sold their devices or broke them, etc, etc.

I've never played on a creative server for any length of time. I guess factions and mini-games were always more exciting. I'm interested in the "semi-creative" aspect of this server and how players rank-up to get new tools/perms.


P.S. The rails system is the coolest thing ever. It has always been a dream of mine to make a big rail network. A long-term goal of mine would be to contribute to the rail system.


  • Welcome to the server, Lunar! Your application has been accepted. If you're into fanfic and the sort, I think you'd enjoy the extensive lore we have on our server. You can check it out by clicking the wiki link we have here.

    You can now build in /warp tyrule where you'll find everything you need to show us your style and skill level and hopefully join us in the main world.

    Important information about getting started:

    - All your materials will be under the Tyrule spawn. Just right click the "free" signs or press buttons for the materials you want.

    - All tools and enchantments can be found at every exit of the materials area. Just right click the signs for the tools and then with the tool equipped, right click the enchantment signs

    - You can be assigned a plot by doing /plot auto and then /plot home to get to it

    - Your tyrule build does not have to be huge or elaborate. Just something that gives us an idea of your style and skill level

    Please feel free to ask us any questions either here or in game. We're happy to help. And if you need assistance from a staff member, we're the folks with either blue or gold titles.

    If you haven't logged onto the server yet, you'll have to ask a staff member for your Tyrule ranking when you log on for the first time. If you've already logged onto the server, your Tyrule ranking should appear shortly.
  • Hello fellow virtual railway enthusiast! 😂👋

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