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Plans for a new town - Going to be called Argenfort

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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I am planning to build a new town, I have currently two spots where I was considering to build on.

Spot 1 - Far away from Little Wangleton and Groenevelden

Spot 2 - Quite a distance from Dawnton

Unfortunately for this one, someone has already made plans to claim a large chunk of land, a diagram of this is shown here:

I don't know who made this claim so I can't confirm that as a building spot at this current moment. However, although someone is planning to claim it, this is currently unclaimed territory

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  • The landscapes you chose look nice ! Nevertheless, you should know that someone can always move a project, whatever its size is (see Naoki) : this means that if the one who had plans to claim this land doesn't want to build here anymore, you can still move your project from spot 1 to spot 2.

  • Thanks for that, It's currently unclaimed but someone is planning to claim it

  • OtrementalFlameS
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    Also, I currently have no name for it

    Edit: The name of the town is on the discussion title

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  • "TheMadHammer" claimed that area. He spent like 2 weeks making the glowstone border and then bailed.

    I'll check out the area more closely and remove the glowstone if we decide it's a good spot for you.

  • Okay, thank you nebs for that, I appreciate that

  • OtrementalFlameS
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    Also, I plan to make a railway system in the town which could eventually either link up to the Aether Line between Groenevelden and Little Wangleton, making an extension to the line, or link up to the Juris Line between Dawnton and Nobityo

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  • Wuggeh0
    Wuggeh0 Member, Wiki Editor

    I definitely don't mind you building on the same continent as Groenevelden! Only gives me more material for lore. 😊

  • OtrementalFlameS
    edited April 2020

    Hi, I decided to build in that space north of Dawnton, I was really hoping to build near Groenevelden but I also heard that the place i thought was unavailable, was available. Sorry about that 😊

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