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the Southwest Oldeshire Rehabilitation & Economic Stimulus Act of 2020 (i.S.O.R.E.S.)

nebbers Lord
edited April 2020 in Shire Global News

Honey & Vinegar Real Estate Capital and Grummkin Community Development Lending and Investment have facilitated a combined $439.4 million loan for the redevelopment and preservation of the southwest Oldeshire "rust belt" corridor, after the Shire Government passed the iSORES Act of 2020 last week to encourage redevelopment and growth of stagnant communities.

The financing also includes a $160.6 million equity investment and an $191.6 million construction loan.

The corridor stretches between Silex Civis in the north to as far south as the Oldeshire southern coast, and as far east as Mini Tirith. These communities are among the oldest and most neglected communities of the Shire. Communities impacted:

*Gray Havens

*New Vashon




*Mini Tirith


*and several surrounding, unorganized communities

Also included in the iSORES act in Whitevale, a town in northwest Oldeshire.

The upcoming rehabilitation is set to include roof replacements, infrastructure modernization, new public safety facilities, replacement of domestic water supply and waste plumbing as well as accessibility upgrades. Building renovations such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring and interior door improvements are also planned. The investment plan also encourages new construction and future growth with subsidized mortgages.


^Not pictured - Gray Havens (where the arrow is pointing) and Whitevale. Whitevale is straight north of this area, close to the big pyramid and Slyy's mansions.

^Pictured but limited remodeling available: Sunspear (landscaping only) and Grittle (landscaping, road work only unless approved by vort3xACE)

The lands northwest of Gray Havens are totally open and available as well.

This whole area is in need of the TLC. Any yeoman+ that are interested in remodeling, redeveloping, or adding on to the towns listed or areas beyond the worldguard regions, please let me know your ideas.

You can easily get to these areas w/ /warp vashon, /warp minas, and /warp whitevale, or head south of /warp silex.



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