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Membership - E_Etan

Etan Member
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My Minecraft name is E_Etan.
How did I find The Shire? Youtube.
The first thing I'd like to create on The Shire is... Recreate my home town.
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  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    Hey @Etan

    Your application has been accepted. To get started, connect to and run /warp tyrule. Read the signs to learn how to get a place to build.

    Remember you can use ‘/fly’ to get around, and you can set homes with ‘/sethome’.

    Questions? Ask in-game or join us on Discord -

    Hope you enjoy!

  • Etan
    Etan Member

    Hey @CoffeeAndChill

    I have an area I would like to build a town (3617, -8229) how would I go about claiming it and calling it Orton. As well as connecting to the railroad


  • Antheus
    Antheus Arbiter, Engineer, Wiki Editor

    Hi @Etan,

    The area you have described is open and available for you to build in. Once you start building and have an established build a staff member can region it for you so it will be protected. Once Orton gets established @CoffeeAndChill and I can work on integrating it into the rail network. You are more than welcome to start building there now. Make sure to check out for our building rules. I look forward to seeing the start of Orton!

  • Etan
    Etan Member

    hey @CoffeeAndChill or @Antheus

    I have my outline marked out in light grey wool blocks and have an outline for were the station will be in red, I am all ready to get it reigioned. Just tell me if I need to make it bigger or not

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Please feel free to start building your project. If you need assistance, feel free to ask!

    Thank you for making an outline. I’ll take a look soon. However please be aware that we don’t typically protect an area until it is reasonably well-established. We will review this soon.
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