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Halloween Building Competition! Active until 14 November. Head to /warp BC to take part. Good luck!

☭ Looking for Labor like Strong Proletariat? ☭

The day always the same; you get back from factory to mute wife who is make potato in tin pot. You can take no bath in wooden tub with whole family because capitalist son is at prison camp! What do you? Labor? Where? In Fulfwotz, course of! Emperor of Sammich is look for dedicated workers and laborers to make assist in city! Graveling roads and make more travel easy yes! Filling in walls so rain and famine can no get in? Yes! Polishing gilded status of Emperor for all to see? Course of!!! Apply to make do more work in Fulfwotz, and live as in strong proletariat you am be!  ☭☭☭ 


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