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Moved builds

CDR_Clarisse Member
edited January 2014 in Support Area
Hello ! :)

Was just wondering who moved Lcorps tardis to a cave and didn't really ask 1st. :)
He was a tad disappointed that it was in a cave and that the rest of his contest build wasn't taken into account. The bottum had the screwdriver, and a Dalek under some snow.

I think the gesture was nice to move it, but perhaps in the future the builder should be consulted as to where they would like their build to be etc.


  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    The build broke our rules on pixel art, so one of our admins moved it to under a mountain in the main world.
  • nebbers
    nebbers Lord
    edited January 2014
    Noteworthy and winning competitions builds are often times copied over to the main world to preserve them.  Someone asked that I move it, and, like Andrew said, exposed pixel art is not allowed on the server- it's 'ok' if it's hidden from view (ie, under a mountain). I would have asked LCorp but he hadn't been online for a week or two by that point.  I'll go ahead and delete it though...
  • "Someone" asked, I don't think "someone" who isn't the one who made it should have the authority to have things moved. :)
    I do not think moving it was urgent either. It could have waited our return from vacation. :)
  • I appreciate the feedback - the build has been permanently removed from the mainworld. 
  • Lcorp
    Lcorp Member
    edited January 2014
    well, i dont disagree with keeping it there, id prefer to have it in a place were there actualy is a little light so you have a chance of seeing it though. I dont rly agree that its pixelart but w/e, what i'd like is that if you are moving it to the main world (which im all for) you move the entire build and not just a part if it, spent alot of time on the plot and put thought into it and id prefer it not to just be dismissed.
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