The Shire 7th year anniversary town!

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So i had this idea about a collaboration build we could do to celebrate the shires 7th birthday.
My idea is to create a town where we each contribute with a house or two in our own styles, or create new houses and builds together. There will obviously be a big contrast of different styles and era's so it's gonna look real weird, but that's a part of it :)
I'm thinking we can use this area here: xkdkFDt.png

I will start building a central plaza or something. Feel free to join in whenever :)

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  • The Laurelii will happily add an embassy there ❤
  • JennerJenner Member, Wiki Editor
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    Construction of the plaza is under way. The plaza is a bunch of circles making a bigger circle. Since it is a collab build we made the circles different themes. feel free to add some colours to the circles :)

    I'm thinking there should be a statue / monument in the middle of the plaza, but i want some input from the oldies and others on what it should be.

    This is how it looks now: nuYN5xf.jpg

    Feel free to continue the path and colour in the circles.
    You can also start building houses and stuff.
    Hope to see more people contribute to the project :)
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  • I want to contribute!
  • AntheusAntheus Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    I've added the "Riverwood Warmongering Gazebo" and plan to add a house or two
  • HumzahhHumzahh Member, Wiki Editor
    Count me in! gimme a plot!

    Also, get @nebbers to do the town centerpiece / statue / monument. I'm interested to see what he would create for it :)
  • I built a Cake Shop. Also put in a cake eating area. Filled in some more circles. Other great work was also done by other shirlings last night.
  • I made a thing in the middle, not sure if you want that or had something else in mind.
  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    space for me pls. and coordinates (preferably in the form of a copy-paste /goto or /tppos command) thx.
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    I'll see if I can shove half a boat into one of those circles
  • Wuggeh0Wuggeh0 Member, Wiki Editor
    I'll build there too!
  • I want to build there too (Note: My username is Mo3aZ since I changed it)
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