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2018 Building Competition - Adjectives

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Welcoming in the new year of 2018, we have our first competition of the year! For the first competition, we have a little more interesting and unique theme that will show everyone's creativity. The theme adjective will require every participant to select an adjective that they wish to use.
The plot then must reflect the adjective chosen (for example, if the adjective used was "sunny", the plot could show a bright beach environment). If choosing an adjective that is simple (such as big), be able to build something that is unique and imaginative or it may work against you. This theme will allow builders to have a lot of freedom, which means we are looking forward to see a lot of unique and imaginative plots!

Plots must have a gold block with a sign that shows the chosen adjective that the participant has selected. The gold block and sign should be easily visible, preferably on the entrance of the build if possible.
Similar to the last building competition, participants will be given a plot size of 155x155 as well as access to WorldEdit. Please be aware that you do not have full access to all WorldEdit commands as some are problematic.

Please ask staff or other players, such as Architects, if you need some help in using WorldEdit commands. If any further information or a short introduction of WorldEdit is needed, please refer to the link below:

The competition will begin February 9th and will end on April 8th 11:59 PM PST. (May subject to change)
More info may be found at /warp BC!

Some reminders:
- We expect all projects on The Shire to be the original work of the creator(s) and not be replicas of pre-existing projects, failure to do so may result in disqualification and further actions can be taken.
- Everyone will have creative mode regardless of rank - Tyrule and up are encouraged to enter.
- Build must be completed with interior to qualify for judging.
- Staff members are welcome to participate but will not be able to judge if entering.

Do /Warp BC from February 9th to claim your plot!
/plot auto - assigns you a plot
/plot claim - claims the plot you're standing in
/plot home - gets you back to your plot (You might need to use " /plot home:1 " or " /plot home:2 ", etc...)
/plot clear - clears your plot — This CAN'T be reversed, so be careful!

Winners and Prizes:
- The number of people entering will effect the number of winners we'll have. If many people enter, there is a good chance there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner
- Prizes will be in-game prizes. In the past, winners have asked for certain WE powers or VS powers. Yeomen have asked for creative mode. The prizes vary and are ultimately at the discretion of staff.








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  • Antheus
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  • This time Imma try and get serious and not start over fifty million times. Woo, time to come up with a plan. Good luck everyone.
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    /plot auto
    /plot select
    //set 0

    *receives full marks for theme*
  • John117
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    Is the adjective "ships" available?
  • John117 wrote: »
    Is the adjective "ships" available?

    Nautical is an adjective : p
  • Building Competition is now open!
  • Currently there is plot claiming issues, so a Staff will have to claim a plot to give to you, temporarily WE is also not working which will be worked out. Sorry!
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    worldedit issues should be largely resolved. if not, please create a new discussion in 'Support Area' and do not reply here regarding it. Thank you :)
  • I'll mail something cool to the winner
  • CoffeeAndChill
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    EnderKilla wrote: »
    Currently there is plot claiming issues

    Fixed... I think

    Someone please let me know if issues persist
  • Do I understand this correctly, do we pick our own adjectives?
  • EnderKilla
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    Do I understand this correctly, do we pick our own adjectives?

    Yes, choose any adjective that you want to build your plot around.
  • Competition extended to April 8th.
  • John117
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    Sunday is the beginning of the week
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  • EnderKilla
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    Update: No clue what to do with the competition currently, just going to leave it up for now though.
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