Shire Christmas Dinner - Dates and Times!

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As Konegido has already announced, we have decided to host a cute Christmas dinner - I think it'd be fabulous to have since the server has been quiet for a while now so it would be nice to talk to some peeps again. Respectively, most of you are pretty busy so this event could flop unfortunately :(
Anyway, as usual, I have some dates/times for y'all to vote on - sorry if they aren't very convenient (if this is so please highlight your preferred date/time in the reply section.
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  • Liandria21Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
    It's all breakfast for me ;~;
  • I... do not think any of these will work for me
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    What time would work for thou @sammiches822
    Agh i always forget about your timezone @Liandria21 if the confirmed time is like 4am for you pls feel free to sleep
    I think I'm going to close this vote Friday evening, so pls continue voting <3
  • @Mieshoa I just don't think I'll be able to attend at all sweetie; I'm going down to Florida for a week to visit family, so the only time I'd be able to attend is late at night, which will probably cause issues for others. sry bby <3
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    [quote="Mieshoa;4696"]Agh i always forget about your timezone @Liandria21 if the confirmed time is like 4am for you pls feel free to sleep[/quote]

    *cries* I am forgotten ;~~~~~;
  • the second sunday time, is it supposed to say 12am? not pm? either way, sunday is basically a no go for me because I'll be watching the force awakens with my family at like, 6:30pm GMT, so after that I'll either be in heaven or hell depending on if it's good or not lol. xD
  • either saturday time is ideal for me, though. :)

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    My friend, who is a giant star wars fan, said the movie was very good. He went to the midnight premiere dressed as a jedi and everything so I think I can trust that rating from him
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