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Congratulations! You've managed to get out of Tyrule through hard work and dedication. Now you're a yeoman; what does that entail, exactly? As a yeoman (or Duke, if you donated), you're given the ability to build anywhere in our main world. It's a privilege! We expect you to build the best you can and leave your mark on our server. What you want to build is up to you; a fort? A castle? A town? A mansion, maybe? Go for it! Here's a few other things to keep in mind:
  • You now have access to our survival server (/server Survival)
  • Try not to claim land unless you're going to build on it SOON. Claiming a ton of empty space and not doing anything with it for a while will get you a few grumbles from other members, now more than ever. Only claim land (and try to be conservative in doing so) when you know what you're going to do with it and when. Claim an area by making a dotted glowstone line around it. When you have made the dotted line, get a staff member to confirm it is OK to build there.
  • You have access to creative mode. To activate it, run the /gmc command. To support the server, you can make a small donation and get the Duke rank.
  • Know your limits. If you plan on making a megacity filled with skyscrapers, make sure that's something you can actually build. The one thing we hate almost as much as dirt cube houses are really cool builds that remain perpetually unfinished!
  • Collaborations between yeomen are absolutely allowed. We think building together and making a community is very important and cooperation helps us achieve this. If you want to build a city with a team of your friends, go for it! It doesn't even have to be JUST yeomen. Anyone of any rank can team up to build greater things. Just know that in doing so, the bar is set a little higher for a promotion.
  • Be sparing with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. You don't have either of these tools yet, but higher-ranked members do. You can certainly ask for help, but just know that it will take a lot more to get promoted if the majority of your build was created with WEVS. In other words, don't be lazy; try only asking for WEVS as a last resort or for heavy terraforming. After all, people with WEVS have their own builds to be working on, too!
  • Be courteous to those around you. If you see a town in the distance, try not to build by it or be within sight of it. Building within 100 blocks of another person's build without their consent is grounds for staff intervention. Also, place your builds wisely. Don't decide to build your bustling metropolis near a quaint medieval village. I mean, that's just common sense. But of course, mistakes do happen. If you find yourself in a situation like this on accident, let a staff member know and we can help you move your build somewhere else. If you're on the receiving end, just notify a staff member of your situation and we'll handle it. 
Whew! That was a lot, but we're sure all of you can handle it. I'd say a good amount of it is just common sense and decency. When you feel like you're ready to be promoted once again, all you have to do is let a staff member know and we can look over your build. From here on out, you'll always be building in the main world, just with different commands and permissions with every rankup. Enjoy yourselves, and congratulations once again! 
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