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SEPA: Shire’s Second Annual Open-Mic Night

Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor
edited September 2016 in Current Events
Glompings dear Shirelings!!!

Lia’s back with more SEPA (if you STILL don’t know what SEPA is, please pause and click hereevents news! Now, I know we’ve left you all patiently waiting for the next big Shire event; however, due to an absent someone, it seems that this event might possibly not come to pass…

It’s still okay, though, because there is still some good news!

We all know that sometimes we get busy with real life stuff, and sometimes we disappear for days at a time, or sometimes even weeks. Maybe even months. Everybody who’s still playing briefly wonders, “Hey! Where’s so-and-so?”, and the answer is always, “-shrug- Dunno. Life probably.” Then we eventually return after a long time to be with everyone again, and while some are around to yell at you for neglecting them of their daily glomps and LIKEA buildings, others have real life strangling them, and you’re like “Dammit! I just missed them. If only I logged on earlier..."

WELL DO NOT WORRY YET, my dear Shirelings, because SEPA will now be hosting Shire’s Second Annual Open-Mic Night!!!

Similar to last year, Shire's Second Annual Open-Mic Night will be held at Shire Grand Amphitheatre ("/warp amphitheatre") on Saturday, September 24th! Anyone and everyone are welcome! The stage will be open to whoever would like to perform. Singing, dancing, poetry recitals, etc... Everything is welcome on stage!! Just remember: the amphitheatre is a no-judging zone!

Specific times will be sorted nearer to the date itself, so keep posted! Meanwhile, comment below whether you'd like to attend and/or perform, and what your preferred time is!


~~Lia & the SEPA team. <33