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Trizer Member, Wiki Editor


  • Trizer
    Trizer Member, Wiki Editor
    well i guess its back to Zelda for me :0

    (to everyone else, the server crashed)
  • Smoot
    Smoot Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    so when gus told me to delete the lava, instead of typing //replace lava stone...I accidentally made it //replace stone lava.
  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    //drain works for lava ;)
  • @smoot - you can make crash posts in the thread entitled "server down" from here on out. Just comment in the thread and lords will see it. We get an email every time someone comments on that thread. That way, it's not a new discussion every time and we get the news much faster. =)

    @trizer - just reply to a person's original post instead of making a whole new discussion. lol

    @andy saw you on the train. you didn't say "hi"........ again. =(
  • Smoot
    Smoot Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    @Blitheness Perhaps I was doing it wrong (which I will definitely say is a strong likelihood), but there were so many caves and mineshafts filled with lava underneath Naoki to the point where I was dropping a total of 40 FPS when in the center of my region, and there were other areas with extreme frame drops, so when I went in to drain the lava, it would only let me do it when sitting in the individual pockets (and there were an inconceivably large amount underneath, I don't know if it was just from the world updating over the years or something, but it was a ridiculous amount) so I figured I'd systematically select areas and just fill the lava with stone since it was causing more or less zero lag, but then yeah, typed in the command backwards and whole region turned to lava...but it looks fine thank you.

    @Hay I think Trizer made this post before he saw mine, or posted it relatively at the same time. Next time (I hope that is a while from now or never haha), I will post on that threat. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to when I briefly looked over it, plus I sorta panicked when I saw how much lava I created and immediately just posted in support.