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City lighting updates for updates.

Currently working on the lighting update that became possible with the last lantern block update.

Going to take some time.....🤨

What has been YOUR largest update to be applied to your build/s? How long did it take YOU?


  • Oranjestad is still mostly locked in to 2016-era blocks and it's probably going to stay that way.

    The Mainland though! That project started.... August maybe? All buildings remodeled, all roads, landscapes... Spaicol, Malac, Jenner, Smoot, and everyone else crushed it but it still took months. Spillover is still ongoing w/ Schaufensterpuppen and New Brumley. And funny enough the Mainland renewal was just before we got lanterns. So that still needs to be done.

    CoffeeAndChillWuggeh0Snow Burnt
  • Oranjestad would take a long time to upgrade. But it still looks good as it is.

  • Updating the blocks of the commercial zone in Frankrikeshavn with the addition of polished andesite slabs and others. Didn't take me long as I asked for WorldEdit on this one.

    Snow Burnt
  • Slowly working on tiny changes to all the major buildings in Laurelian. The biggest update I did that took the longest was changing all the street lamps to ones that were made of lanterns and new blocks. Took about an hour with copypasta. Lol
    Snow Burnt
  • Not too bad.
  • Wuggeh0
    Wuggeh0 Member, Wiki Editor

    2-3 hours to update to lanterns in most buildings in Paarsdam.