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Bridges Competition

edited January 11 in Information and Rules

The "Bridges" Building Competition is NOW OPEN! Come one, come all and join us in the first Shire BC of 2021! Anyone can enter - Tyrule and up!

To take part, run /warp BC when you log on.

This Competition will remain open until January 31st - 11:59pm PST.

Creative Mode is enabled (WE/VS is not available).

Solo projects only. No team builds - sorry!

Good luck!



  • Antheus
    edited January 11


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  • I have a question. Can I use a spawner egg? It's sooo crucial for my build, I've already dedicated time into it . :(

  • If it's in the creative inventory and you're allowed to place it, then yes. Otherwise, please post in our 'Support Area' forum to request that we allow this.

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