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Another railway proposal?

BorisCrafter Member, Wiki Editor

(this map doesn't have keikei bay, poppiton, or castle argh and I just realized it lol)

Well, I just got the elephant of the room out of the way, so let me get onto the real topic of this forum: another railway proposal!

Wait, what?

So, to put it briefly, while I was working on the Stafford Line proposal from August to January, I came up with a proposal for an east-west line. Tentatively named the "Wilshire Line", it was planned to go from Sol to Naoki or something like that. However, I eventually realized that more ground could be covered not by creating a new line, but extending three relatively short ones west: Hestia, Zelos, and Franco.

Over the last few years, I've noticed quite a few proposals in regards to an east-west line further south of Cerelia and Aether connecting the west (particularly Sol) to the east. Using the dynamic map, this forum post (, which also contains some "rough drafts" of this proposal), and my own personal plans for Portsmouth, a city I plan to build in the southwest corner of the world, I decided that there were probably three points in the west that would be the best places for connection to the rest of The Shire: SUN, Sol, and soon, Portsmouth. Through these proposed extensions, other places in the midwest and west Shire can finally be connected to rails (such as Arbemaisonnes, which I hear already has a station ready for a line).

So, to keep this short, I will simply list the stations of the potential extensions of each line, from their proposed western terminus to their current existing western terminus (for Franco, that will be Lythia University, and for Hestia, that will be Brandywine West, even though both have approved stations to the west).

Hestia extension: SUN (intersection with WSR) -> Arbemaisonnes -> Kings Road -> Hermes -> Beauregard (intersection with Cerelia) -> Pangea Valley (intersection with Juris) -> Brumley -> Podesta -> Darkensaga -> Silence Castle -> Bastar's Sports Complex -> Baden -> Covid Village -> Bree -> Brandywine West -> ... -> Hyrule Interchange

Zelos extension: Sol North/Central/East (merged with WSR) -> Thothum (separate from WSR) -> Leif -> Paris -> Withering (intersection with Cerelia) -> Bognor Regis -> Gray Havens -> Shong-Durr -> Telston -> Roma (intersection with Juris) -> Grittle -> Chowder -> Falore -> ... -> Homestar Port

Franco extension: Portsmouth -> Raklore -> Entri -> Tibeth -> Albast (intersection with WSR) -> Zvez -> Spirulida (intersection with WSR) -> Grib -> Gomorrah -> Jommington -> Fandy -> Winterfell -> Faolan -> Mooshoo (intersection with Empire) -> Aldham (intersection with Empire) -> Mortham -> Lythia University (intersection with Empire) -> ... -> Venezia Nuova

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns (besides the fact that I might have gotten the Thothum-Spirulida segment of WSR wrong) about this, please say so, and I will probably be able to answer any questions you have! Also keep in mind that I'm only counting places with worldguard or a warp, and there may actually be better places for the lines to go! Finally, if this gets approved, I would be more than happy to help build!

Thank you!

~ Boris

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