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Back To School - Building Competition

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
edited August 2021 in Information and Rules

The Shire's "Back To School" competition has started.

Need some inspiration? Consider Hogwarts, your local library, or even the school you went to!

You may build either on your own, or in a team of 2, to create a place of learning.

If you're building in a team, one of you needs to claim a plot using /plot auto. That player must then run /plot trust NameOfOtherPlayer while standing in the plot. Now you will both be able to build in the plot. Once you've created your team, you will not be able to change who's in it. Ask a staff member if you need assistance.

You can only work on one plot. You cannot be in more than one team of 2 for this competition.

You will have access to creative mode, including all new 1.17 blocks. You cannot use WorldEdit, VoxelSniper or any other world manipulation plugins you might have access to.

The competition ends on 5 September.

Wishing you the very best of luck!

Please keep in mind that our usual server rules apply, especially those concerning originality and the competition world-specific rules:

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