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Community Rules

Respect and Common Decency is at the core of The Shire.

If you have any questions about our rules, please ask a staff member.


  • Pixel Art and macro structures are not allowed
  • All builds must be original designs built by you
    • You must not copy builds from other servers or tutorials
  • Consider fluidity of aesthetics between neighboring regions
    • Medieval towns don’t make sense next to ultra-modern cities
  • Ensure a minimum distance between projects*
    • 100 blocks between small single builds
    • 300 blocks between large projects
    • 50 blocks between railway stations
  • Staff may, at their discretion, relocate or remove any abandoned or rule-breaking projects
    • You should place your name somewhere on your build
    • You should write the date when you started your project
    • Builds with no clear creator are at a higher risk for removal


  • No abusive language or behavior, this includes…
    • Excessive vulgarity in general chat
    • Personal attacks or Doxxing
    • Impersonating others
    • Racial or cultural insults
    • Spamming or trolling
  • Do not disrupt the gameplay of others
    • No PVP without consent of all parties involved
    • Do not build lag-inducing Redstone contraptions
    • Building horizontal flying machines is forbidden
  • Do not alter a project without the owner’s consent*
    • If there is no clear owner, ask a Staff member for guidance
  • Inappropriate builds or skins are not allowed
    • Visible, non-secret builds should be built with consideration for all ages
    • We have zero-tolerance for inappropriate player skins


  • We have some additional rules for our Survival and Competition worlds which are listed below
  • Survival World
    • No cheating, which includes using any mod or resource pack that gives an unfair advantage
    • No stealing from other players
    • No griefing
  • Competition World
    • You may give or receive advice on how to improve a project
    • You can’t give or receive specific instructions on what or how to build
    • You can’t use WorldEdit or other tools unless otherwise stated at the competition spawn


  • You are responsible for the security of your account
    • You should not share your account with others
    • Any wrongdoing committed by an account will result in sanctions on that account
    • Don’t play on a stolen account as it may be banned without notice
  • Do not promote or recruit for other Minecraft servers
  • Do not attempt to circumvent a ban or other punishment
    • This includes using an alternative account
  • Inter-project connections are standardized*
    • You can’t build roads or rails outside your region without permission from staff
  • You must not exploit workarounds to access features unavailable to your rank

Rules marked with an asterisk, ( * ), can have exemptions granted by staff members; you must always obtain permission before doing anything that breaks one of these rules.

Our rules are subject to change, and our staff reserve the right to interpret them as they deem appropriate. If you have been sanctioned and wish to appeal it, then please do so in the ‘Support Area’ category on the forum.

Our rules were last updated on 28 January 2021.