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Bridges Competition

Posted 1 week ago by Hay

The "Bridges" Building Competition is NOW OPEN! Come one, come all and join us in the first Shire BC of 2021! Anyone can enter - Tyrule and up!

To take part, run /warp BC when you log on.

This Competition will remain open until January 31st - 11:59pm PST.

Creative Mode is enabled (WE/VS is not available).

Solo projects only. No team builds - sorry!

Good luck!

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Our January building competition needs a theme, and we'd like you to vote for your favourite option.

Voting will close on Saturday 9th January at 5pm UTC. That's 12pm (midday) EST, and 11am CST.

Competition will open the following day, and the theme will be whichever one gets the most votes.

Case your vote on the forum discussion. If you're already on the forum, make sure you're logged in and you'll be able to vote below.

[Update] Voting has closed. Our theme will be "Bridges".

Happy New Year

Posted 2 weeks ago by CoffeeAndChill

Dear Members,

Wishing you a very happy new year. Here's to a hopefully better year ahead!

Congratulations to Zhenya for winning our 2020 Festive Treasure Hunt. nebbers came in second, followed by BorisCrafts.

Best regards,

The Shire's Staff

Spooky Competition Results

Posted 4 weeks ago by Hay

Hey All!

I'm pleased to announce that judging of this year's Spooky competition has ended. Thank you to the 20 players who entered.

Huge congratulations to Keikei (Za_Deibu) for winning this competition, and congratulations to Mep (MinorMajor) for coming in second.

This was very difficult to judge, and there was only one point between the top two entries.

The positions of the top 5 entries are shown below.

image.pngWe'll be in touch with the winners to offer a reward.

Thanks for taking part, and stay tuned for our next competition!

New Project Proposal Rule

Posted 4 weeks ago by Hay

Hello Everyone,

The following new rules concerning historic areas are effective immediately,

A project proposal must be submitted to the forum (or #building chat on discord) for all projects involving public areas, such as Spawn, Mainland and surrounding historical towns. Exceptions can be made for verbal permission given by at least 2 staff members or one staff member in charge of an area.

The proposal must include all design plans and list which areas and builds will be affected by it - any change to these plans need permission from at least 2 staff members, OR one staff member who is in charge of the area, OR everyone who owns land or builds in the area to be affected by any changes

No work on the project can be started until: At least 2 staff members have given permission, OR one staff member in charge of the area has given permission, OR everyone who owns land or builds in the area have given permission.

We must all work together to respect the historical value of Shire's Mainland and public areas while celebrating the forward movement of design trends and using new materials. The public areas of The Shire belong to ALL Shirelings. Let us all do our part to honor the wishes of everyone who has dedicated their time, effort and love to the Shire. By following these simple rules, we can continue building a beautiful Shire and maintaining equal respect for everyone within our community.

Thank you. Love you all.

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