The Shire — Minecraft Server

Our server represents the collective efforts of thousands of individuals.

Vast storylines and epics exist within our shared dreamland, shaped from our own minds and experiences.

It’s what keeps us coming back for more.

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No map resets
Our map has been developed since MC Alpha, and now spans 167002 blocks.

9 years in the making
Since October 2010, over 13,500 unique players have joined the server.

350 railway stations
One of the largest Minecraft railway networks

Free to enjoy
No micro-transactions, no subscriptions; totally free to play and enjoy!

Welcome to The Shire

To play on our server, connect to If you have any questions or would like a tour, then feel free to ask!

We want to give you an idea of what to expect by picking us as your server to play on, but we do not want to overwhelm you with too much information!

We are a semi-creative free-building server. This means that you start in survival, and earn creative mode upon reaching the specified rank. As for free-building, our main world is not one of those awful plot worlds. We love the environment, and believe buildings look better in a natural environment, not shoved in a 40x40 plot, on flat land, right next to a building that doesn't complement yours.

Once you’ve achieved the rank to build freely in the world, if you create something that’s good and well-developed, then you may have a warp created and your region will be protected.

We are a very closely-knit community. We are smaller, and thus, we are a lot more like family than members. We have a grand time talking among one another whilst building to our hearts’ content.

Our Projects A small selection


A major shipping hub with the largest port in northwestern Shire, divided into territories belonging to the various nobles within the city.

The city includes many cultural institutions, such as the Basilica di San Madonna, Castello Alto, and the Colossus di Caffa.

Spawn Area

Established in October 2010 as a “Hi” sign made of stone. Spawn has evolved through several iterations to its current open-air temple structure.

By 2015, the Spawn was a hub of activity and a featured server rules, new member guidelines, and a history room. These features were later reimagined, relocated, or removed as part of the first major renovation in Spring 2015.

Belthil Tower

Belthil Tower is a 173-block tall skyscraper southwest of the Shire Mainland; at the time of its completion in early 2011, it was the tallest building in the world.

The tower is supported by 4 golden chains, and is surrounded by 5 tiers featuring a railway station and food outlets on the upper tiers, with shops and accommodation on the lower tiers. The interior of the tower is currently vacant.

Slyy’s Mansions

A collection of modern homes with a unique architectural style in a vibrant, flowing landscape.

A luxurious island escape fit for the elite.


A large and beautifully landscaped city in the north-east, which began as a single temple.

Laurelian is home to the Shire Alpha Reserve, which protects the gold of most nations within the Shire Dollar Zone and backs the currency’s value, rendering the city crucially important to the economic stability of the world.

Emerald City

Inspired by the fictional Land of Oz, Emerald City is a theme park featuring a ferris wheel, carousel, teacup village, and a railway.

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