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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Our first Thanksgiving treasure hunt is on now, ends Monday.

Track your progress and see the locations at

Good luck ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

๐Ÿฅ‡In joint first place, with less than 1 point between them, we have Theta108 with their rendition of Mandolin, and E_Eyan with their upside-down Orton church.

๐ŸฅˆIn second place, BigBearFury for their Mindflayer.

๐Ÿฅ‰In third, schickentoast for their Malacdonalds restaurant.

Winners should speak to staff to negotiate a prize!

Looking for some 2011 Shire nostalgia? Check out `/warp Yestershire` next time you're in-game to experience The Shire as it was in May 2011!

A map of Yestershire is available on our website!

Untitled ImageThe Halloween Treasure Hunt ended yesterday, congratulations to gghosty for coming first!

The Upside-Down Building Competition ends Sunday 6th at 2330 UTC. Good luck!

There are 3 days remaining in our Upside-Down Building Competition and Halloween Treasure Hunt! Both events end on November 4th, at 9pm UTC! That's 5pm EST.

There are spooky treats to be found! They've been spotted at the spawn, FridayFunland, Mandolin, Halloween Town, Boneyard and Pangea Valley.ย 

First place wins a cosmetic prize such as a custom name prefix, the Beezooka, or the Kitty Cannon!

Check your progress at

Good luck and enjoy!

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Our main world was created on 15 October 2010, and has never been reset. Since then, we've received thousands of unique visitors, with many contributing to our immersive world.

We feature a wide variety of building styles, some with their own lore, and encourage anybody regardless of their skill level to build with us.

To play, connect to

If you have any questions or would like a tour, then feel free to ask!

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Donations keep the server running. You don’t need to pay to enjoy The Shire, but we’d appreciate your support if you are able to donate.

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Railway Status

Aether Good service
Cerelia Riverwood Grand Station Closed; Disembark at Ampitheatre
Dulcia Good service
East Shire Transit Good service.
Empire Part-suspended. Good service Sunspear-Venice, and good service Emerald City-Prontera. No other services are operational.
Franco Good service Venezia Cipriana - Lythia University. No service Lythia-Epsilon.
Hestia Good service
Hyperloop Good service
Juris Good service
Lamia Good service
Mainland Metro Good service
Norshire Full Service Vespinae - Riverwood Grand. Part Service Ski Resort - Orton. No service Orton-Laurelian International Hope
Nysa Nuovo Firenze station is closed. Otherwise, good service.
Phobean Subway Good service
Quintus Part-suspended New Vashon to Silex-Civis
Riverwood Intraurban Riverwood Grand Closed
Skira Good service
Thule Good service
Venezia Metro Good service Valeria-Biblioteca via Giardino. No service on other routes.
Venezia Overground Good service
West Shire Rail Good service Caffa-Solentse, UoC West-Thothum, and Zege-Groenevelden.
Zelos Good service