Welcome to The Shire,
your favourite Minecraft server.

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To play on our server, connect to play.shirecraft.us. If you have any questions or would like a tour, just ask!

We want to give you an idea of what to expect by picking us as your server to play on, but we do not want to enlighten you with nearly all of the information!

To begin, we are a semi-creative freebuilding server. What this means is, you start in survival, and earn creative upon reaching the specified rank. Freebuilding means, and our main world is not one of those awful plot worlds. We love the environment, and believe buildings look better in a natural environment, not shoved in a 40x40 plot, on flat land, right next to a building that doesn't compliment yours.

To give you a bit more, if you achieve the rank to build in the world freely, if you prove your build is good, and is well-developed, you can get your own warp and that becomes your OWN region!

We also, want to emphasize that we are a very closely-knit community. We are smaller, and thus, we are a lot more like family than members. We have a grand time talking among one another whilst building until our hearts content.