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Donations are always welcome to help us cover monthly server costs. It costs us around 50 USD per month to operate.

Those who donate 15.00 USD and up, who have already attained the “Yeoman” rank, will receive a complimentary upgrade to the “Duke” rank. Yeomen who donate get Duke, Mavens get Viceroy, and Artisans get Archduke.

Remember, this is just a donation, not a service fee, and thus comes with no guarantee of features, server uptime, etc. Donating isn't the only way of getting perks. We award ranks based on merit; if you put effort into your projects, we will recognise this with rank promotions.

Note that we are an independent not-for-profit server that is not affiliated with MOJANG, nor Microsoft; we are in no way associated with them.

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Other Ways To Support The Shire

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