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Join The Shire

Welcome! This page helps you to create a membership application. If you need help, then please ask in-game or on our Discord server.

To join The Shire, you'll need to provide the following information:

  1. A username to identify you on The Shire’s website and forum.
  2. Your email address.
  3. A password. This should not be the same as your Minecraft password!
  4. Something you’d like to build on The Shire.
  5. Your Minecraft username.

Optionally, you may provide the following:

  1. Your age.
  2. The country you’re from.
  3. How you found The Shire.
  4. Something you’d like to create.

1. Your account

2. About you

3. How did you find us?

4. Finish

That’s all we need to know. Please review the declaration below and submit the form.

“I have read and understood the server rules. I understand that upon submitting this form and verifying my email address, a public membership application will be created for me on the forum using the ‘About You’ and ‘How did you find us’ details entered above.”