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Globalisation of lords and arbiters

Dear friends who live far away from US, do you guys had these experience? When you get into the Minecraft server, you rarely see people. And when you wake up on the next day, you see the discord is full of new messages. Well, clearly I felt that way. So, if I am not being paranoid or overthinking, this is obviously cause by the jet lag of different countries.🕧️🕓️🕙️

Therefore, I personally think that this server needs some lords or arbiters or whoever have the power to give the necessary assistance, who lives in, or somewhere near Asia. Or else it might have causes a bit of annoying for the related players.

I live in Malaysia, my country's time zone is UTC+8, which is exactly 12 hours earlier than New York, and I did feel a bit like I am living in a parallel universe with most of you guys... I am not sure either, what do you feel?

(I actually hope that it is just me overthinking lol😂)

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