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Welcome! Please connect to the server ( at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.

Why i should become a member

Carson knope
Carson knope Member
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Hello i have been playing minecraft since 2014 on pocket edition just moved to java. i live in the U.S am 15. the reason why i should is because i want somewhere where i can build and not greifed

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  • I presume this is Cornbreadpan! Griefing is super rare here, we're all friends and we have a lot of protection against griefing. What you build here will last forever - the map will never be reset.

    Your application has been accepted and you have been promoted to the rank of Tyrule. To get started, connect to and run the command /warp tyrule. Follow the directions on the signs to get started with your Tyrule build.

    Please familiarise yourself with our server rules at Especially important are our rules about originality and etiquette.

    You are now eligible to join our Discord! Find out more at

    If you have any questions please ask a staff member in-game, on the forum, or on Discord.

    We look forward to seeing your creations on the server!

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