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Welcome! Please connect to the server ( at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.

Membership - lewqrgus_Jeffy

lewqrgus Jeffy
edited November 13 in Join Us
My Minecraft name is lewqrgus_Jeffy.
I'm 18 years old and I live in France.
How did I find The Shire? a friend.
The first thing I'd like to create on The Shire is... brutalist/modern things maybe.
-lewqrgus Jeffy


  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    Welcome! Bienvenue!

    Your application has been accepted and you have been promoted to the rank of Tyrule.

    Tyrule is our rank for new members. To get started, run /warp Tyrule when you're next in-game and read the signs to learn how to get a place to build. This is your chance to work on a small project to show us what you can do, then ask a staff member to review it, and we'll get you a place to build in our (almost) twelve-year-old main world.

    Please familiarise yourself with our server rules at Especially important are our rules about originality and etiquette.

    If you have any questions please ask a staff member in-game, on the forum, or on Discord.

    We look forward to seeing your creations on the server!
  • the stone bridge at the spawn is great


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