Floffwym Railway Request

Sammiches822Sammiches822 Arbiter
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I, Emperor Sammich, with the agreement of Chancellor Mieshoa of Floffwym, hereby decree that the Quintus Line running into the town of Floffwym shall either be disconnected from the city and moved, or remodeled into an underground tunnel within and around the island.

Honestly, I think that the way the line runs into Floffwym is just so ugly, clumsy, and awkward. I know Fulfwotz, Floffwym, etc etc are supposed to be anachronistic, but I still like to keep the style the same. It makes no sense for a modern railway to suddenly burst into a small fishing village. Also, it doesn't even run into a station... It runs into a small house, and doesn't even function properly. I demand that the STA either remodel the portion of the (much too long) Quintus line that runs through Floffwym into an underground tunnel running through an underground station, a station which I shall build, or disconnect the town from the Quintus Line entirely.    **==


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