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  • Attention to STA passengers from and towards Bobatown and Hashimoto on the East Shire Transit : The Viaduct of Normandy, which runs over the Nyhavn Canal in Sandbergen and carries an Intershire highway as well as the East Shire Transit, is currently under reconstruction. Thus, there is no traffic between Frankrikeshavn and…
  • Updated the topic so that it can be suitable for my other projets in the region. Something grand will be built in southeastern Shire !
  • Oh, didn't think one was done already. I was planning on making kinda cab rides though. Now that I can make the entire line at once, I think I'll make a video of the entire line. And with shaders, too.
  • I wanted one day to make a video on the Cerelia Line, could I make it ?
  • So, although it's done since some 2 or 3 days, I consider all of Frankrikeshavn is finished - for now ! Although I don't feel like it, I could totally make an extension of it. So, to sum up everything : Frankrikeshavn has two markets (one south of town and another in Nyhavn), three harbours, a church, a synagogue, a…
  • Make a 10 Year Monument in Mainland ?
  • Honestly, a direct line to Sol would be a good thing. We already have the Aether in the North.
  • It looks a bit like this though :
  • I recall there being a project of an extension from Brandywine West to Bree, that I agree to build the tunnel for if it's still planned, but I don't know if it's really useful to have another link than the Aether. Nevertheless, if this project is accepted, it should go by Covid Village (no joke, it's really named like this…
  • As it was your proposition to have railways from spawn, of course ! I won't do it alone, it would be too much work to do. We'd also need a lot of gold though.
  • So, I'm planning on building a few buildings : a large building containing an automatic smelting system on multiple floors (one to stock what to smelt and fuel for the furnaces, one with the furnaces, and one with the smelted items) ; a warehouse containing all weapons and armour dropped by mobs, especially the enchanted…
  • I'll let those who want it to build a village at spawn - i'll try to find a place with nice biomes and a river nearby and then i'll give its coordinates here. It'll be where i'll start my village, anyone that wants to build with me are welcome.
  • The landscapes you chose look nice ! Nevertheless, you should know that someone can always move a project, whatever its size is (see Naoki) : this means that if the one who had plans to claim this land doesn't want to build here anymore, you can still move your project from spot 1 to spot 2.
  • At the exception of the section from Berlins gate to Sentralstasjon (despite it being shown on the map), all sections of the Municipal Railways of Frankrikeshavn are opened. Only one section runs outside of Frankrikeshavn : it's the Røde linje (Red line) west of Strand, the terminus of the line being located in another…
  • I now announce I have finished the main part of Frankrikeshavn, as all the originally planned buildings and neighbourhood now have their buildings built, although their interior is yet not furnished. This means I consider Frankrikeshavn as finished, so I can allow myself to start another project now.
  • Updating the blocks of the commercial zone in Frankrikeshavn with the addition of polished andesite slabs and others. Didn't take me long as I asked for WorldEdit on this one.
  • Which line would then go to Sandbergen Sentralstasjon ? Knowing there's already a station at Waterfront, somewhat close by...
  • At first I asked for Andy to have the Empire Line until Frankrikeshavn and the Skira via Seabriar to Sandbergen (my future city). I don't know his decision on this, though, as he is an STA engineer and is one of the only members of the server who has the last word on it.
  • I might modify the rail network though, to make the freight station of a real, good use. Would be great to have it going until the Ice Farm, amongst others, and have a few branches. Maybe more switch posts, or a centralised switch post (or both if someone has advanced redstone skills) could fix it. Double-tracking the line…
  • I think I've got some spare iron for this.
  • All buildings, be it houses or not, in the entirety of Frankrikeshavn have their structure finished by now. The project is not far from being finish, it is guaranteed to be finished by the end of February. Maybe a few days before, maybe a few days after, who knows ?
  • I am supporting entirely this decision. I propose a monument in a Lorraine Cross shape. After all, just a proposition... I didn't know him a lot IG.
  • Happy thanksgiving too. Happy to see you're working on your project again.
  • what da hell is this transformation project
  • I didn't even finish the commercial zone but I didn't want to do it either. So I built some stuff around it. This stuff includes the Blå Linje (Blue Line) being officially finished in its entirety. The plans that were talked about in the first post about the islands will be cancelled as I don't have enough land, and…
  • I don't know how the posters of news channels, cities, etc are done, but if it's done by a picture, then here I go. The picture may not be of optimal quality but it was just as a demonstration of what it could look like IMO.
  • Day by day, the work is going on, and day by day, the town gets bigger and more enjoyable to explore. Infinitely more. In some 2 days I managed to build what is probably Frankrikeshavn's "cutest" part thanks to its charm of a little village. I've also build something that was not planned at all, and was planned only in the…
  • Real great ! I'll be taking it immediately. Reeder to Petra, Petra to Elathuria.
  • So, thanks to @Smoot for the inspiration and to @CoffeeAndChill for some work on it later on, I finished building Normandies Viadukt, in honour of Normandy, a region in France once colonized by the Vikings. This is one step further to the connection of Frankrikeshavn to southeastern Shire - Kibarra and Naoki in particular.
  • Thanks to @Smoot for the inspiration and to @CoffeeAndChill for some help later on about it, I finished building Normandies Viadukt, named in honour of Normandy, a region in France that was once colonized by the Vikings. It's one step further in the connection between Frankrikeshavn and the southeastern Shire - Kibarra,…


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